Saturday, June 18, 2011

criteria for a good smartphone

Smartphone is advanced type of cell phone or mobile phone that usually has many sophisticated features besides used for communications. . At first time Cell phone  is only needed for communication that easy to carry anywhere , now a day's cell phone has developed into smartphone that have many benefits and use such as for internet browsing, email, listening to music or for watching TV, transfer data via bluetooth, even GPS for searching certain places.

Which OS to choose?

You are about to buy a smartphone, but you don’t know how to choose the operating system?

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile and (coming soon) Windows Phone 7
  • Symbian
  • RIM BlackBerry
  • HP (Palm) WebOS
The operating system helps to determine what the user experience will be like, so it’s an important consideration. Techie types tend to have their own OS loyalties based on their overall computing experiences.
The newest OS, Android (Google) grew rapidly. Fans of the search engine will find their account with Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Calendar… The Android Market fills up very quickly .
(RIM) makes smartphones running the Blackberry OS, formerly used for their personal digital assistants. RIM smartphones are optimized for business use and are especially good at handling email.

Manufacturer brand name
We don’t see as much customer loyalty to brand names today as we might have in the past, but some people do have strong preferences based on their experiences.if we see the example of Nokia then it is the most trusted brand among smartphone.but in 2-3 year reputation of company like Samsung and blackberry also grows nowdays we have so many choices

For many of us, apps are the primary reason to get a smartphone. Android and Apple's App Store leads with more than 300,000 apps The iPhone also plays the best games. Android Market is catching up quickly, though. , but not all apps run on all Android phones; there are so many phone models that maintaining quality control is tough. Other smartphone OSes can run apps, but there are much fewer available, and usually don't match their iPhone or Android counterparts in sheer power. 

Touchscreen or not?

While most smartphones have a touchscreen display, this is not true for everyone. To show the recent Nokia E52 and E55. If the iPhone is a touch ergonomic model that is not true for all smartphones.
A gap also present on the Android platform.
The major advantage of the touchscreen is a generous size of the panel, due to the lack of keyboard. The ideal solution in our view is a wide touchscreen supported by a full QWERTY keyboard like the Nokia N97 or HTC Touch Pro 2.

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